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Originally Posted by Marnix View Post
All 2.5 gaskets you buy new from the dealer are MLS. Even for the 96-98 DOHC engines.

Up to 2006 all coolant passages for SOHC and DOHC 2.5L heads are the same, there are several gasket thicknesses available. After that the coolant pattern changed, therewith also the head gaskets.
Last I checked that is not true, here in the US at least. The non turbo SOHC gaskets from about 99-09 are graphite coated ones. If you have one of those cars and go to the dealer for gaskets that's what you'll get, hence my recommendation to use the -642 turbo gasket. The DOHC phase 1 gaskets you get at the dealer are MLS (but thicker than the SOHC and turbo).

Originally Posted by JohnM10 View Post
I will be getting my timing belt and valve cover gaskets (spark plugs seals are leaking) done later this year and may also get the clutch changed as well as the TOB is very noisiy. I am considering getting the head gaskets done at the same time to save on labor charges as well as to avoid having to have them replaced in the near future. At this time (97k mile) they are not leaking.
They are probably not going to since you have metal gaskets. Of course I can't gurantee that but it isn't something I would worry about changing. I have the worst car for headgaskets and am not worried since I put in the updated MLS parts.
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