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Originally Posted by bluecloud View Post
Love the thread, so much time and work that makes all of our subies jealous.
Thanks. The whole project is a crazy waste of time and money, but it's entertaining and I enjoy posting up the projects on the forums.

Originally Posted by lukeskywrx View Post
Too bad it's a fake 207 Ken, only a crazy person would think you could make it work by swapping cams and a few sensors.

Originally Posted by KP View Post
This thread is so nerdy. I like it. I like it a lot.
Thanks. When are you coming by again?

Originally Posted by DerickRyoung View Post
I noticed you like the lime green accents. Paranoid fabrications in CA sells exhaust hangers in this color, same design as the Kartboy hangers. I am need to see this build in person hopefully at a meatz soon. Keep up the jamz brah
Thanks. It's technically not lime green. If you see it in person, it's much more green. Cameras seem to have a hard time capturing the green properly. I've seen some of Paranoid's stuff and I like it, but I have to stop buying parts for this car!

Originally Posted by WhatTurboLag? View Post
WOW this is exactly what I would do if I didn't go with a "big power" build. and your making it happen.

why not just run the 2.5i manifold and kill 2 birds with one stone?

and is the cam sensor mod only necessary for the usdm cam install?

sorry I skimmed through fast because I need to poop and don't want to leave the pc lol

I have a question for you. which wire/how did you tap it on the 06 ecu for the tps sensor for the dccd pro. the one I tapped apparently was not correct and im stuck with just a manual controller for now
I wanted to do the USDM 2.5i manifold, but didn't take the time to pursue it on this round of mods. Really, I'm still bitter that they are going for so much money these days due to their popularity. When I first started looking into them, they were running around $40-50. Now it seems that everyone wants $150++. But when/if I come across one, I'm going to snap it up and start shaving it.

The sensor install/relocation is only needed to run the USDM cams in a USDM 32 bit car. The 16 bit cars can use the JDM ECU and custom AVCS wires and the JDM cams and sensors for AVCS. If I were to keep the JDM cams and sensors, the 32 bit ECU would throw errors as it could not read the cam position properly and AVCS would not work. So basically, I swapped the cams and sensors to keep AVCS working on the 32 bit ecu.

Originally Posted by CJ68 View Post
This may have been asked already but I searched in this thread for "drive shaft" and "driveshaft" and only found two posts where it was mentioned. How did you have your one-piece shaft made? Did you just hand it off to a DS shop and say "make me this in one piece"? I have a pretty good feeling that I will need to do a little more hand holding with my local shop. I am attempting to figure out what others have done for the transmission slip yoke and the flange at the rear differential. I could have sworn I stumbled across someone saying that the Dana/Spicer part number for a slip yoke that works is but I can't find it again... It looks like the rear diff flange on your shaft is a fabricated piece. I am guessing that your local shop just made that based on the OEM unit? How much did the shaft cost you in the end? If you can share any info it would be a huge help.
My local driveshaft shop was on point. They simply asked for the old STi DS to take measurements and less than 24 hours later, they called saying the shaft was done. The spline section was come off-the-shelf part that they can order and they can turn down the outer diameter in their in-house machine shop to meet the application. For the rear yoke, he said they have generic castings that are not drilled yet and they machine them to fit. The total price was about $275 if memory serves, but that might have been the price he quoted me if he made 10 at once. Either way, I'm positive it wasn't more than $325. I may have them check balance on it again when I get up and running again as I did have a bit of vibration in the car, but I can't tell if it's the rear diff, the tires, or the DS.

Originally Posted by arco View Post
the work you do and the way you go about it is amazing. Kudos!
Thanks. I'm interested to see the progress on your swap and how it tunes out in the end.

Originally Posted by amroof View Post
So are you still alive and kicking?
I'm alive, but pretty busy. And lazy. I'm working on a new business idea and I'm afraid it's going to take a lot of my spare time (only so many hours in the day after work). I also signed up for two LONG bike races in May and June that I'm training for.

I'm really just waiting on the powder coating right now. Once that's complete, I'll throw the motor together and drop it in. Then there are just a few misc plumbing tasks (PS, Fuel, Oil cooler) and I'll be ready to rock.
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