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Originally Posted by XplicitRacingDesign View Post
Hey Loyal and Vision, hows it feel having nothing better to do than to go out of your way just to be a dicks on NESIC? You are both pathetic. Seriously. Claim to be a "nice guy" all you want, all I'm convinced of is that you are only nice in person because you are a coward.

I've met the person you are harassing on several occasions, and he is actually a really nice guy. Did he overreact a little, maybe. But some of you are going above and beyond just to make fun of him, and that's where it crosses the line from being the typical internet trolling to just some scumbags joining together to bully someone.

Make all the smart ass comments you want, it won't change the fact that you guys are worthless douche bags.

I love the idea of only being nice in person because I'm a coward. So I'm too afraid to call someone a girl as a joke in person? I'm not trying to start a fight. Or calling someone a sissy, or defame them in anyway. I made a joke about him saying it was too cold to be outside. If you would like for me to tell him he's a girl for saying it's too cold outside in person, I will happily do so.

I'm sure he is a nice guy in person. Never said anything to the opposite. Some people are just hilarious. It's unfortunate that they can't take the smallest of jabs and/or just give it back rather than crying to another forum and/or the rest of the thread.

In all honesty, it'd be great if, especially at this point, the mods cleared this thread out and let the OP have his meet as planned.
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