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Originally Posted by Cathartic View Post

Firstly, my thanks to everyone who has posted all of the fantastic info in this thread. It has been extremely helpful to me (though I definitely still have lots to learn).

I've been looking at the Work Emotion XT7's in the 18x8.5 +46 5x100 size for my 2013 WRX hatch (stock suspension). Unfortunately, they don't seem to come in 9.5 with the 5x100 bolt pattern, so I'm limited to 8.5 if I want these wheels. From what I have learned in this thread, that size should be perfect for my needs anyway, and avoid the need for fender manipulation (not that I'm opposed to rolling - I just think 245's or 255's on the higher offset wheels will meet my current needs and won't happen to require the roll).

So, my question... I would like to go with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and have been reading in several places that they run quite wide. Given this, I have to imagine that the PSS in 255/35/18 would be way too wide for the 8.5's. But what about 245/35/18? Do they run so wide that even the 245's would be too wide for the 8.5 wheels? I know that stock STI's are 245's on 8.5's, so under normal circumstances, the fitment should be fine - I just don't know how abnormally wide the PSS's are.

If the 245's will fit well, then I think going with Sc00by4life's favorite size of 245/35/18 might be the way to go. Otherwise, I'll need to consider other tire/wheel choices.

Any thoughts/feedback would be appreciated!
Well I personally said **** it I'm going to run 255/35s on my 8.75" width wheel, even though it has a tread width of 9.5". The 245 you are referring to has a tread width of 9". Here is a link to a 2011 wrx with 18x8.5" wheels and 245/40/18 PSS:

As you can see, it doesn't appear to bulge too dramatically, and you clearly are benefiting from the wider tread. For comparison, a 255 PSS had 9.5" tread while a 255 Hankook v12 Evo has only 8.7"!! Almost a full inch of difference between tread width, which is clearly substantial. So like I said I'm going to run 255's on my 8.75" wide wheels, it should bulge only ever so slightly than the car in the above link, which I don't think will be too bad. I like the meaty look anyways as long as it is proper fitment
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