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Default Benji B's EG33 Swap Thread!

Hi there Nasioc! I am benji! I am 21 and a long time forum lurker but have not made many threads. I created this thread to document my EG33 swap into my Impreza L. I bought my red 1995 impreza L 2 door with a 1.8 L from my buddy Cody for $300. It had spun a bearing and the engine seized. I pulled the engine out, gutted most of the unnecessary parts behind interior pieces, removed the rear seat, A/C, System, and the SRS system and gave it a good scrubbing.

I went through several ideas with the car such as putting a stock 1.8L in it and having the car as a farm car/ thrash car for my woods but i decided it was just too nice of a shell and too light of a subaru to destroy.I have a 2002 bugeye wagon with a built bottom end, Evo3 16g turbo, sti injectors, Walbro, Cobb intake, turbo inlet, bcs, Koyo radiator and Tein super street coilovers so i decided i did not want two of the same engine. I would have liked an sti swap but it is just out of my price range. I am a huge subie nut so i was looking at my options on the forums and saw people have successfully swapped an EG33 out of an svx and for some reason it really grabbed my attention... The EG is ALMOST twice as big as the L's engine was, it has a good powerband, low end torque,no boost leaks to deal with was probably it.It is also a unique swap that not too many people have and it sounds like a freakin' Porsche! I also feel fortunate that people have posted enough info on the forums that I felt i could figure out the wiring one way or another (fingers crossed).I then ended up deciding to do the 6cyl swap! So i looked around on craigslist and the forums for an svx I could tear apart sorry purists!!

I found a 1992 OBD1 maroon svx with 106k miles on craigslist. The car had been put into a ditch on the passenger side. The front and rear quarters were banged up pretty good, and the passengers rear suspension is all twisted. Other than that it is a solid clean car. when My father, brother and I wentto pick it up the owners stated it and it started right up with no CEL's! I was expecting it to be a pretty rough car but it was not! So i picked it up for $775. The owner lifter the back up with a bobcat with a forklift attachment up on to the was interesting to say the least but it was our only option unless I suddently gained the strength of hercules and threw it up on to the trailer. So we strapped it down to the trailer and pulled the 3 three wheeled sled back to my shop in Mansfield about 2 hours away. Getting the car off the trailer was very interesting with the back wheel missing since my car trailer has two ramps on the back just wide enough fo a tire. So with my dad, brother, a floor jack, and a wheel dolly we sketchily wheeled the beast into its new home. After I got it placed where i wanted in my shop I quickly dug in and started unhooking and marking all the wires and connections so i could pull the engine. It took me 3 days on and off to get the motor out. What a task that was compared to the 1.8L in the L. The block and transmission were seized together pretty darn good!

So now i have the engine out, all the accessories off except the intake manifold. I am at the point where i can start cleaning, sandblasting and restoring parts off of my EG. So excited! I will be posting pictures of my progress here once photobucket lets me upload pictures.

Have put in tons of hours researching what it takes to do this swap, like so many hours on the forums you might think i am some what crazed. But i want to know the different ways people have done this swap. The only thing i am worried about the wiring, but once i have the pinouts, diagrams, and the harnesses in front of me it will make a lot more sense. I can fab up a way to mount the radiator it is just a matter of doing it. I think i might try to use the stock SVX radiator and make a tubular radiator support to hold it but i am not 100% on it. I may get a griffin radiator from summit. Suggestions on this? I would like to put the thermostat in the top radiator hose and convert everything to 50mm hoses to reduce coolant temps and cavitation. I will most likely make ducting for my radiator and oil cooler. I will be using the stock impreza L transmission and a stock wrx clutch ( if it works). I know I might kill the tranny but i will see how long it lasts than upgrade from there.
I will use the stock ecu for now but I may run a Megasquirt 3 in the future once I am comfortable with the car and wiring. It seems like a great engine management system and it has a lot of options like launch control, flat foot shifting, boost control, nitrous control, the whole works at an affordable price. It has also has a pretty big following behind it.

I am going to use this car as a street car to rip around it and have fun on the weekends, the drag strip, auto-x, car shows and stuff like that. It is just for fun and to experiment with. I am just a college student so I do not have a huge budget so I am going to piece it together slowly add new parts to it when i feel like it needs upgraded. Eventually I would like to build the engine and add boost but it will be a while before that ever happens. It is not going to be an easy process but from the videos I have watched and the threads I have read to I am sure I will have a fun and unique end product!

Here are some pics!
My L on the lift

Pulled the engine out

Engine out

me looking for something with the engine all torn apart under my L

These are the pics the owner put of of the SVX on Craigslist

Teh EG33, pretty clean minus the power steering pump was leaking

Here is a pic of my EVO III 16g wrx wagon with a built motor, tein coilovers, 17x9 Work Emotion CR Kai 's and many more mods

Here are links of websites/threads that have helped me. I will continue to update this as i go on. This is not all of the threads I have read but I will post them as I remember. Feel free to post a link and I will add it to the first page for future swappers! I If you have any issues with that I will remove your link off my page if you would like.

Awesome SVX Forum
Big H6 Swap Thread on RS25 ( Thanks Patrick Olsen)

Nasioc H6 Resource Thread

One of my favorite threads right here. basically my inspiration for my build. I may build my heads like his eventually

Another good EG swap thread:

Link to full 1992 SVX wiring harness: http://

This thread has some good info:

How to:Wiring an EG33 into a GC:

Wiring Harness help:
Thanks for checking out my thread! This should be interesting...
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