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Originally Posted by klapp14 View Post
Being local to Gary Lang, and having a few friends that have/still work there, they are only trying to get your money. I was originally going to buy a wrx from them, but they wouldnt budge on their prices. I drove an hour east to Highland Park and spent 4k less for a lower mileage car (same year, an options). Like hoffmanestates said, it wouldnt hurt to change it. Its really your call whether you want to go ahead and have them change it. I think you would be fine sticking to your regular schedule.
Thanks for your input. I figured this was the case. When I pushed the guy for answer as to why I need to change it more often, he said because of the cold weather. I asked him if that was a Subaru guideline or a Gary Lang guideline. He said it was an oil industry guideline.

I figure if Subaru thinks their cars need more frequent oil changes in colder temperatures, that would be in the manual and it would have also occurred at my dealership in Seattle.

Originally Posted by Decipher View Post
Gary Lang is a bunch of criminals. I gladly drive the extra 40 minutes to go to Grand Subaru. Gary Lang has tried to screw me and my family over on several different deals. This is another shady-ass move to rape customers. Those who don't know better fall for it.

Did they also tell you the cold weather requires you do your 30k mile service at 15k? You are wise to check with us. Now, do the right thing and take your business elsewhere. And, FWIW, I change my Rotella T6 every 5k and that's even excessive in some people's eyes.
Thanks, and yes, sort of... They did try to sell me a "preventive maintenance" service they could do on the spot. I'm at 16,600... There again, I asked if this was a Subaru policy and if so, why wasn't it in my service / maintenance schedule. I asked him to look up and show me Subaru's service plan and the need for this additional service, but he said it was temporarily unavailable.

Originally Posted by doubleUareX2011 View Post
I purchased my car at Grand Subaru and wouldnt go anywhere else for warranty work (performance i go elsewhere). They worked on my car all the while knowing I was stage 2 without any questions and even allowed me a courtesy car for over a week. Great guys over there. John (service manager) is a great guy to deal with and very honest.

Ive been to Gerald also but had a poor experience in every way except with Sandy in sales who recently just transfered to Grand (awesome!)

On the oil thing, i use Shaeffers and change mine every 2-3k because I'm anal about it and it helps me sleep at night. This is regardless of temperature. That being said its personal preference. And while the temperature can have an impact on wear, i really doubt it would/should change your intervals that drastically. If at all. If its a quality oil and you feel your engine still runs smooth and feels good then stick with your current schedule.

Hope this helps!
Thank you, yes, very helpful. Oil changes and tires are such personal preference items. I just didn't like how they were trying to BS me and pass it off as something I better do, or else... Fear tactics piss me off.

Thanks everyone for your input! I appreciate it. I won't go back to the Lang group.
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