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Hi all,

So, I'm thinking about joining the "dark side", and dropping a ez30d into my bugeye. It will hopefully be powered by a ViPec V88 with a custom harness, and a few other "custom" touches. It will stay NA for a while, and eventually, maybe, get boosted. Im choosing the ez30d for its simplicity, and bombproofness. Im curious if the below post is true (I will pm 42 autosports as well for their input). I do plan on resealing/ replacing everything that I can before the motor is installed as well. I have read through this thread a few times trying to learn all that I can, but its a lot to take in. I have a fab guy that's pretty damn good as well. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Car already has a full ver. 8 drivetrain swap including six speed (spun bearing and siezed motor), 5x114, brembos, as well as almost every commercially available bolt on available.

I also realize that it might be cheaper to replace the motor thats in the car, but ive always said "when this motor goes, it'll probobly get a flat six." And I'm willing to wait (read: save up funds) and do it right. I also do have the resources at my disposal to do the swap. Ive done all the work on the car up to this point except re-tolerance the center diff in the six speed. And if most everything comes close to dropping right in, I dont think it will be too much trouble. Im just looking to find out exactly what im in for.

Thanks in advance!

Originally Posted by lbartik View Post
The simple answer is: not hard.

Are you talking ez30d or ez30r and oem engine management or standalone?

04WRX harness will merge pretty easy w/ EZ30d. Biggest difference I can see, the H6 doesn't use a fuel pump controller.

Beside the ECU and the main harness:

Sparkplugs, Any leaking cam seals, crank seals, valvecover gaskets (and sparkplug hole gaskets), timing cover silicone. Believe me, you don't want to work on that stuff after the engine is in. You can't. There is a leak behind the oil pump and timing chain on mine even after I did all those parts. I would never want to tear it down that far just for a leak anyway. Throw the motor away when it leaks too bad to deal with.

A clutch disc, pressure plate, TOB, flywheel, flywheel bolts, and starter that all match up to your current tranny.

H6 front engine mounts (nothing else out there yet and H4 is different).

All the belt-driven accessories from the H6. (has a 6rib belt) Or try to find a 5 rib belt the right length to run all your WRX accessories (untested theory). A/C is tricky, look close at your WRX compressor and the H6 one, I think the hoses are a lot different. I haven't been able to swap the clutch/pulley off my 98 compressor to try converting it to 6 rib yet. I know that all the '02 H6 lines won't bolt up to my '98 condensor, accumulator, or evaporator without adaptation.

Radiator - there's no easy solution but buying a plastic OEM h6 radiator and H6 upper hoses is probably the best place to start.

Pusher fans - nothing will fit between the radiator and engine anymore.

Radiator overflow tank - going to be a lot diff. than your wrx one.

H6 power steering pressure line, reservoir - (if you used the h6 pump). The wrx pump with the remote reservoir might work fine too with a pulley swap or belt swap. Uncharted territory.

A little bit of willingness to piece together the exhaust system. Impreza parts will generally mate up to the h6 header location or come real close. Notched trans x-member is necessary. Hopefully you have the two front O2 sensors from the H6 too. Rear O2 should be same as WRX. But the OBX headers are not made to work with a cat. So, a rear O2 simulator might be a good idea. Mine hasn't thrown a code yet. Car stinks though.

Intake - stock system is a little weird, need something to do the job though.

Tuning - H6 is speed-density (MAP) based so it needs help after throwing intake and exhaust mods at it. Haven't put the wideband on mine yet.
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