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Originally Posted by my99maddog View Post

Any proposed ratios for 1-5 Road/Track?

A final of 4.444 fits more with a dedicated track car. I think a street/race set up could benefit with finals of 3.9 giving a better commute to the track and keep those pesky Auto-crossers happy at the same time.

Interesting point you made that helical are stronger than square cut. Has anyone considered a herringbone or double helical gear to remove the axial load?
The final has yet to be discussed as the syncro'd sets are going into a majority of vehicles with r160's I guess the easiest way to get around that would be to swap the R&P gear

But the 4.11 or 4.44 would be ideal IMO for track for sure. I was lucky enough to get a killer deal when I upgraded to a 04 six speed with the Suretrac and did the hub/knuckle swap to run the r180 with a 3.90 and when I get one of the 5MT it will go into my GC the WRX is staying six speed for now. I have a few blocks I'm playing with now and trying to decide what route I'm going to go with the GC

Here are a few pics I just took. The EMCO Spur gear (straight cut) is over ten years old and has been sitting in my garage for almost two years so it has a little corrosion.

Take a look at the way the doggear has been finished, no sharp edges and the overall look and finish is superior to the below image syncro'd gear. I believe this was from a sequential dual clutch DP gearbox.

Now this gear is a syncro'd gear for a subaru 5 speed made by an aftermarket company, this is just for comparison and is by no means slandering this companies product. Just for comparison purposes.

Sharp edges, and to me looks like poor quality material, these gears are not that old either, maybe 3 years since they were produced.

So as soon as I get a quote ( soon I promise, I'm on top of it ), I'll post up the optional ratios, we'll have a discussion on what the majority will be happy with regarding the syncro'd stuff.

Micah & Clint we'll be in touch with development of the dogbox, for those interested in the dogbox, make sure you PM me and I'll add you to the list.

In all honesty the dogbox is really the way to go if you're going to track the car but if you're looking for a remedy to the 5MT weak ass gearing and want to upgrade and keep the longer gears, the syncro'd set would be the way to go.

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