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Originally Posted by subi400 View Post
The picture of the srt 4 ports in that head are crazy... Nice job with the finished product.

So, what specifically surprised you about the current heads you are working on? Any particular reason for not sharing some of your other tools?

thank u sir, those are from 7 years ago too. those were ahead of my abilities back then i think i got lucky or something with that head, i was so proud of it lol. as for these heads..... nothing really surprised me. the dog leg is a real pita to get in and get everything, well compared to most other heads out there and the intakes are so easy to get in and rework.

certain aspects of my porting and the same with my welding (mainly aesthetics) i keep to myself as its taken me 8 years to get to the level im at now and i learned on my own with trial and error over that span of time with no help. i also do this as a side gig so to just go out and tell everyone how to do it doesnt make sense. its all basic stuff i use for the porting.... carbides and cartridge rolls...... its the tooling and technique for the finish on the ports is what i keep proprietary.

its not only the tooling.... theres lots of patience to be had doing this, theres 20 hours in these 2 heads lone and thats without messing with the combo chambers. throw in another 5-8 hours for those.

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