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Originally Posted by pimprezawrx View Post
Thanks for the reply. The car feels fine.

Maybe you or someone else can answer another question I have.

Compared to my old 03 stage 2 Wrx, when I punch the throttle at 2500 rpms to do these pulls, it sounds totally different.

Granted, I did have a full catless turbo back exhaust on the Wrx and maybe I am just hearing more engine noise with the stock cat back and catted down pipe on the Sti.

It sounds like it's "winding up" not really turbo noise but maybe fuel pump/injectors that I just never heard before? I don't really know how to explain it.

I hear it the most when I first get on the gas.

Thanks again!
Stock catback will certainly let you hear a lot more (than just exhaust noise) than a catless full-turbo back exhaust. Different motors as well. I wouldn't be concerned about it.

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