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Default 6MT swap front axle issues

I searched and couldn't quite find what I am looking for.

I am trying to do a "budget" 6MT swap (using an auto transmission driveshaft and an R160) into a 2006 Forester XT. I am using a JDM V7 STi transmission.

When I got the transmission, the axle stubs had already been removed. I replaced the seals with ones intended for a later-model STi, so it should now take male axles rather than the stub/female axle design.

However, I am having problems because my Forester XT axles will not seat and "lock" into the transmission. They slide in just fine, but I can pull them back out with very little effort, so I don't think the circlip is snapping in to the groove inside the transmission. I think the inner ends of my axles either have the wrong taper, or the dust cup is interfering with the retainer "sun dials".

1. Is there any way I can modify my axles so they will seat and seal properly?
2. Failing that, what axles can I use? Can I just get anything intended for an '05-07 WRX, or do I need something specific?

My axles look like these ones:
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