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Just picked my car up from Wicked yesterday, and wanted to leave my thoughts/review.

[C/N]: Had a motor swap done at Wicked Innovation, the car is somehow improved in nearly every way. Magic?

My motor blew about 5 months ago and while posting about my troubles, Matt replied that he had a stock EJ205 if I wanted, and could do the swap for about $3000. I had moved to Massachusetts for less than a year at the time of the incident, and did not know any of the shops. But I found this thread, and realized that enough local people were vouching for the work that Matt and Tom did at Wicked Innovation, so I decided to go ahead and accept his offer.

I placed a small deposit to hold the motor, and started the slow process of saving up money for the swap. I spent nearly all of my savings on the purchase of a beater, because I had just started a new job, and needed to be able to commute to work, so that set me back even further. Throughout all the various delays (there were a few), Matt never gave me any grief over the long delay, which I appreciated. I finally sent the car to them on the 11th, and was able to pick it up yesterday, the 16th.

When my friend and I arrived at the shop, Tom gave me the keys, and I went out to start it up. As soon as the car started, my friend and I turned towards each other in shock and said "'s quiet." My car, as long as I've owned it, has always been fairly loud. Now granted, it's been five months since I've heard my car running, but the reduction in noise was so severe, that we both remarked on it.

I took the car out for a quick drive down the road and again, something jumped out at me. The car's handling, felt extremely "buttoned down." Feeling weirded out, I parked the car in the middle of the street, had my friend switch to the driver's seat, and had him drive my WRX. He looked over at me and said "That's handles good. Really good."

My car is not a POS, but it always had its flaws. The car made a lot of engine noise, the suspension didn't like bumps, the steering had some slop to it, and the brakes had started to pulse literally the day before the motor died. But as we were driving the car now, five months later, somehow, they were strangely absent.

I confirmed with Tom, that all they did was the motor swap. He mentioned that they installed a new donut gasket as part of the process, probably responsible for the reduction in engine noise. But as I drove the car back home, I kept scratching my head in the hell, did my car feel so much better in nearly every way, especially in the areas that had nothing to do with the motor swap?!?! [The motor by the way, runs and pulls awesome Matt. I had that new car grin on my face the whole two hour drive home]

I can only come up with one conclusion: magical osmosis. Simply having your car sit in the premises at Wicked Innovation a few days, is enough to revitalize it.

So that potential new customers understand, I am seriously not trying to be funny or use hyperbole here, but my car literally "feels" different in a good way. I understand that some of it may be from having to drive a 2000 Forester for the last five months, and thus my body has become accustomed to the ride of that car, but still...I swear there's something going on here, something that I can't put my finger on.

Maybe Matt and Tom are warlocks on the down low, maybe the air in the shop is infused with horsepower, maybe they're mechanical messiahs, who can fix car problems by simply sitting in the seat. Whatever it is, my car feels great, and I'm happy to have trusted these guys with the work.

If you two ever need a new shop slogan, feel free to use this one: "Wicked Innovation: Magical Osmosis Happens Here."
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