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Originally Posted by spaceywilly View Post
They are selling them as fast as they can build them (unlike the Evora, btw). Making it a convertible is much easier from an engineering perspective than putting in a new engine, especially since the convertible was probably developed right alongside the coupe. It's an easy way for them to freshen it up for the next model year and pick up the sales that will be lagging once the hype dies down.
Well the Evora doesn't sell as fast for a lot of reasons... Maybe the $65K price tag has something to with it???

Originally Posted by KC View Post
sential... are you blissfully unaware, or are just plain ignorant, to what it means when they had to increase production on these cars to meet demand?

So the argument you're making is nonsensical. This more than proves that those who decry "more hp" just... don't... get... it, because they are exceeding sales expectations, even with "not enough" hp.

Make a proper rebuttal to my statement, then we can talk... or are you too ignorant to have a proper discussion without resorting to put downs?

Count the number of remarks in regard to this car stating "I wish it was a convertible, then I'd buy it". Then count the number of people stating "I wish it had more hp". It should be clear what the most desired attribute for this car is...

Yes I know this is a well balanced car, and it's meant for the twisties... But it's not an either/or situation.. You can have both...a car that handles like its on rails and puts your head in the back seat when you mash the pedal.
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