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Originally Posted by sential View Post
For a second you almost made me feel like I was crazy for thinking a v6 would fit... So I did a little google research and what do you know... Tom's racing used the exact engine I was referring to...

Yep. And some drift team put a V-8 in a GT-86 even before they were released. Again. Cost. Reliability. Warranty. Just about anything can be done to any car. There is a Justy out there with a full WRX drivetrain in it. There is a guy here in my area that put a full Corvette LS1 drivetrain in a Honda Civic hatchback. Called it the Civette. Even had the fully functional dash in it with the HUD.

And I wouldn't want you to think you were crazy. A V-6 would be cool in it. Gotta be realistic though for this "production car".

Originally Posted by manticus View Post
I've never seen the need for a convertible car, but I know that is just my opinion and not the prevailing one. However, both arguments for a higher power version and a convertible version are asinine - this car is selling well enough that they don't need either version.

If I were to put my money on an improvement path that embodied the original concept and the design philosophy, more power and open top are probably the last place I would look. Lower the weight, improve suspension, lower COG would fit the DNA much better. Arguments beyond those ideals are just attempts at justifying your own wants.

If they build a convertible, great. It's a departure from the central concept but it will probably sell well. It just seems to smell a little like a boardroom decision instead of an enthusiast one. Yes, I know the car may have been engineered to be a convertible to begin with, but I still suspect the fixed roof was chosen because it didn't compromise as much as a convertible.

If they designed the car to also be a convertable, I would consider that to be part of the "central concept". You said it also. None of these things are "needed". They are wants by the customers. The only thing anyone would "need" is a car with 4 wheels that will get them to their destination. Anything else is a want.
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