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Post Bar, Tires, and Cops Oh MY...

Formula for trouble. New Potenza RE730's, Whiteline Adj. Bar, and a 2.5RS. Ever since i put them on I can't seem to take corners slow anymore. I love pushing it! Well I'm at a light waiting patiently for it to turn green. I'm going straight; however, its a quick left then right to go on that road. Perfect to see how she handles. Light goes green. I didn't drop it but i let her take off. I shot through the intersection, quick left, quick right as the cars in the other lane are astonished how the car sticks (or wandering what kinda ******* is driving like that). In my rear view i notice a cop car pull out. I stop at a stop sign, wait, then turn right. Just as i do that he lights me up. I quickly roll down my windows (tinted) and await the verdict. The officer asks me why i didn't slow down when i went through the intersection. I told him i was stoped at the intersection (his view was blocked by a building). He looked at me weird then looks at my windows and my 9 inch sunstrip. "are all the windows tinted?" he asks, as he starts to really look at my sunstrip. I thought to myself, "I didn't pay $180 to get all my windows tinted just so i can peel it off". He walks back to his cruiser then comes back in a few minutes. I notice he only has my info. He's not carring his reciept book. He tells me to slow it down and lets me go. I tell him I'm sorry my car handles so well. had to get that one in.

You know, I could of had to of taken my tint off but he let me go, so i think i will slow it down. Just for a little though

My condolences to all those who wern't as lucky.
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