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Originally Posted by badmeat View Post
Here's the thing, Randy.....

It wasn't one, two, or even five members that came up with the idea to leave your site and start a new one. It was 10-12 active members from your site that were unhappy enough with how you ran it, they wanted to start a new community. At some point, you may need to look in the mirror to find the cause instead of pointing fingers at nearly EVERY MEMBER that left your board. You had a great idea in creating Cincinnati Subarus, but most members didn't agree with the owner/dictator attitude that you ran it with. Just look at your Admin staff from the old site. Nearly every one of them resigned.
I don't care about the other site. Also, only one "admin" resigned aka banned because he sent a huge spam e-mail to every member on the site abusing it.

Originally Posted by badmeat View Post
You need to quit playing the victim. It really is getting old. "Vandalizing a car" with a sticker is right on par with you tagging things at the Joseph meet with Cincinnati Subarus stickers.
Wow, you are a huge idiot. I never placed any stickers on ANYONES car at the Joseph meet. A few people had already purchased stickers and I gave them to them. I HAVE NEVER touched anyones vehicle. That crosses the line.

Originally Posted by badmeat
Eye for an eye. The shirt was maybe a little over the top, but then again, you did buy up the domains and to have them redirect to your site...that's a little over the top as well, IMO.
It isn't attacking anyone buying domains. Maybe if you guys had the marketing smarts you would have bought them in the first place. It's not like I had them re-directing to anything bad.

Originally Posted by badmeat
At this point, I can only shake my head and wonder when something inside your head will click and you'll understand that it's not everyone else's fault. Multiple members have tried to be cordial and say hi to you at events, but you get pissy and are clearly still butthurt. Stop being such a Nancy, be a man, and don't be a douche when people strike up a conversation with you.
Because I don't want to talk to any of you. All of you just have these huge egos trying to out do each other plus attacking me. I'm done with all of your drama.

Originally Posted by badmeat
Maybe one day you'll put your ego aside and register.

I'm sure myself, as well as many members, aren't expecting an apology.....registering says enough.
I never have and never will register there.

Originally Posted by luftpirate
Time for you to take responsibility and admit you basically treated a bunch of your friends like loyal subjects. Then systematically de-friended each one on Facebook or banned them from your forum because they associated with people you didn't like. Which of course is a incredibly adult way to handle things.
Really? You are the one who sent out a angry letter to every member because I didn't want you to sent out a survey. I had my reasons and wanted to talk to you on WHY I didn't want it sent out, instead you send out that e-mail and ignored every time I tried to call or text you that night. That is ALL YOU. You backstabbed me for sending that stupid e-mail out. You should have answered the phone and talked to me like normal people.

You say all of these people who were banned... funny because only four were. YOU for sending out the mass e-mail spam. Scott, for spamming over 10-15 people sending out PMs telling them to join the other board. Quatty-24bs that kept adding a URL to your new site after I asked him not to post a URL but he could leave the event info in the post. Oh, I forgot Brian/Pam were banned just because I didn't want to deal with their endless amounts of drama and childish behavior. Nobody else was banned.
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