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I screwed up and found out about a cool cop awhile back. I had just installed my intake, and stiffened up my kybs. The guys and I piled into my car to test it out. We pulled out of the driveway, accelerated from 0-60-0 in a short distance, then proceded around a roundabout. In doing the acceleration, we passed a cop. Well, he pulled me over and asked me if I realized what I did. I told I knew what I had done, but I was familiar with the area (I have lived there for 2 years), and figured I was able to do this safely; ie: nobody was around and it was late. He asked me what I was doing and I simply told him I just got my suspension setup and I was seing how well it handled. Well rather hitting me with exhibition of speed, wreckless driving, and speeding, he wrote me up a simple speeding ticket which can be worked off with driving school. He handed this to me saying," Next time you test out your suspension, go and find a nice deserted road." He must have a soft spot for fast, agile cars.

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