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Originally Posted by simon021 View Post
Look, I saw a guy asking about the exact setup I have, so I posted up a dyno plot to give the guy an idea of what to expect. I was posting so he could see the curve of the plot and get an idea how his car will perform. Maxwell comes on here asking about my setup, but since I did not personally do the tune, I can't answer his questions. I've already heard your soap box speech about how you give so much to the community blah blah blah. I would never ask any of your "top secret" tuner information. I was simply trying to continue the conversation that YOU started. I dont want or need any of your trade secrets. It's like you just look for an opportunity to come on here and talk about how great you are and how other "laptop tuners" are just punks.

It's unfortunate that most of you guys come off as ********. I know you are probably not that way in real life, but the tone here is pretty sad. I was just trying to have a friendly conversation.

In all honesty, I have not been following this thread, so if somehow I struck a nerve from some previous postings, I apologize. I would have NEVER asked any specifics about your tune had you not inquired first.
you're the only one pissed off here. I have no idea who tuned your car. I was trying to help you. Don't get mad at me because I'm not giving specifics.

I asked a question.
you couldn't answer
I said nevermind because I didn't want to see the tune if it was done by a tuner.
You asked me for timing values
I expressed why I won't tell you.

I don't know why you're so angry. You can't contribute to the discussion AT ALL. You have been asking me questions since...
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