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If only we could get our law makers to do the same. I got an email this morning from Rick Larsen
Dear Mr. Acia:

Thank you for contacting me about steps we can take to prevent gun violence and make our communities safer. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

Within the halls of Congress my colleagues and I are taking part in an important debate on the most effective manner of protecting the American people from gun violence. From the attack on Congresswoman Giffords that left six dead to the shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin, Oregon and Connecticut, it is too painfully clear that we must take meaningful action to make our communities safer. The 2008 Skagit County mass shootings that killed six brought this type of tragedy to our home. No single law can prevent the actions of a madman, but that is no excuse to not take action.

I continue to hold my position that Congress should reinstate the assault weapons ban and ban high-capacity ammunition clips above 10 rounds per clip. These military-grade weapons serve no legitimate purpose in civilian life and as such, I have cosponsored legislation that aims to remove these unnecessary weapons from our streets.

We must close the gun show and private sale loopholes and strengthen background check requirements to make sure criminals and the mentally ill are unable to purchase guns. I am proud to have joined my colleague, Rep. Caroline McCarthy of New York, in sponsoring legislation that would provide for universal background checks to any individual wishing to buy, sell, or transfer a gun. Similarly, I support legislation that strengthens our ability to track the illegal flow of guns that too often fall through the cracks. This is not a matter of tracking gun ownership for those individuals who legally have the right to possess firearms, but is about identifying illegal activity that threatens our collective safety.

Legislation on gun safety is part, but not all of the solution. Mental illness has been shown to be a factor in some of these mass shootings. Mental illnesses are often misunderstood and under-diagnosed. Health providers need to give mental health the same attention that physical health is given. Congress should direct more research into mental illness and provide more funding for effective care of mentally ill patients. The Mental Health First Act, which I am a cosponsor of, seeks to address the shortfalls that exist in mental health training.

We have not seen the last of violent crimes in our country, but if Congress and the President act, we can make our communities safer and shrink this cycle of violence.

If you are interested in receiving periodic updates about my work in Congress, please sign up for my newsletter by clicking here. I also invite you to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Rick Larsen
United States Representative
Washington State, 2nd District
My response
Mr Larsen,
I find it frustrating to hear so many ignorant ideas and statements come from someone that I voted for. It goes to show just how out of touch you politicians are with the real world.

So let me get this straight. You are going to sign into law something that turns a hard working, law abiding, 12 year military vet, small business owner like me into a criminal over a material object because it HOLDS more than 10 rounds. The only mental illness in this country is the people running it. Don't you see that you are the problem? Politicians are pointing the finger at guns, high capacity magazines and "mental illness" when the problem is that YOU and your kind have put the economy and our civilization in such a condition that people are becoming desperate. What you are doing is perpetuating the problem by turning more people into criminals. You are doing NOTHING to change the environment that has caused so many people to live substandard lives. I got an idea, stop wasting my money on all this bs and do your real job. Balance a budget, help the hungry, stop the waste fraud and abuse that the government has grown accustomed to; BE PRODUCTIVE. Fighting a phony battle against a "violence" issue that doesn't exist is insulting. Since the lifting of the assault weapons ban, violent crime has gone down dramatically all over the country. Are you in a hurry to change that? The weapon you are banning is used in less than 1% of all violent crimes. What good do you really think you are doing?


I'm all for gun show loophole closure and legislation that stops guns from getting in the hands of criminals, but 10 round magazines and scary looking guns? really? They aren't the problem.

Let me say one last thing:

If you pass legislation that turns me into a criminal, I will take my business and the jobs it provides and I will leave Washington. I am not the only one who feels this way. My business can prosper in almost any state in the country. I will not pay taxes to a state that turns regular people into criminals over material items.

Dominic Acia
I realize my email won't do a damn thing, but I have to respond to such ignorance. I also realize he's "federal" and not state, but he needs to understand how serious I am about it. I should have worded it "if our State passes legislation"
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