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The things I would do to get a Premier/Stage 4 setup. I used to have a premier setup in one of my older cars. Loved every minute of it. Thanks both of you for the info. I think it will be helpful as I move on with my project.

I don't have a firm budget on this, but Stage 4 is too much. I've got some major expenses this year and the audio budget can't go crazy. Though my HU is going to be the DEH-80PRS. Unless I find a double-DIN DVD unit that has the same quality audio components.

I often blare my music loud with the windows down on the hwy, so whatever I get at minimum can't distort at high volumes though I would prefer something that does accurate reproduction all the way across the board. Anything has to be better than the stock ones that give out at medium volumes and sound like mud.

The speakers I am looking at so far are the TS-D1302R and TS-D1602R

And where I was getting 7 in from was when I went to the extended product description (TSD1602R) it lists the Product Dimensions 15 x 5 x 7.5 inches I am used to that 3rd number being the depth. Only in this case I think it may be the box (kinda pointless info to me) as it lists a little further down, the depth is 2.38 inches.

No sub or amp yet though. Well, maybe an amp, but I haven't fully decided. Also, I was considering getting the package that includes a seperate tweeter and a crossover box. But I am not sure whether it will fit in the space where I currently have a factory tweeter. Any ideas on that?

Anyways, I have a lot to figure out still, I am just trying to shape out a rough form at the moment and then I'll fine tune more. Spacers sound like they will be a frustration, glad I didn't get the iaperformance ones a couple days ago. It would have really sucked had they been the cheapo plastic ones you mentioned.
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