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Originally Posted by oafp View Post
While I don't agree with how Subaru handled this situation, they are leaving road racing so that they can put more focus into rally racing which gives me hope that this new found focus on rally means that Subaru is truly looking to get back into WRC
Not going to happen unless WRC changes it's current regulations, or makes an exemption for Subaru. Current regulations(really just modified S2000 spec regs) states that car's have to be based on transversely mounted 1.6l turbo engines i.e DS3, Polo, Fiesta, Mini (fwd based)...... Subaru's are all longitudinally mounted drivetrains (rwd base). Also I think there is length restriction. So unfortunately, Subaru doesn't really make a car that fits these regs.

Group N Impreza's have been allowed to compete alongside S2000 spec cars for awhile now in WRC (as well as IRC and other global rally series), in fact years back they made R4 regs to try and make them a bit more competitive against the S2000 cars (with varying results). I suppose they could maybe make a "R4+" spec reg or something to compete against the current World Rally Cars (which are modified S2000 cars). That would be the only way I think you would see a Impreza back in top level WRC, and even then they would have to make some serious reg exemptions to their current rules to make them competitive against the faster, lighter, more nimble, current spec World Rally Cars.

I suspect when Subaru says they want to commit more to rallying, they mean U.S. rally program, and maybe Rallycross. I know last I saw the contingency for running a Subaru was pretty good: So while I think Subaru's heart is still in rallying, I don't know if/when we will see a Subaru in top level rally like WRC. But hey, we can keep our fingers crossed.

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