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Yeah... I'm not going to register (even if it is free) to watch a ****ty video. I made the mistake of paying for your magazine (actually, my parents did as a gift). I got zero magazines. Then I was told (after many phone calls from my mother) that I would receive the new media that was all on disc for two (woohoo!) years instead of one. I received one DVD in the mail. Then, being an idiot, I paid for the subiesport app. Which is ****. I suffered through half assed production and PAINFUL video reviews. I refuse to register for anything. Even if it is free. I don't understand the concept of making "enthusiast" videos for a small car manufacturer who has a small enthusiast following. I don't understand the choice of hosts (the chick you had was terrible). I don't understand the request for money for an inferior product (free isn't cheap enough).

Mighty car mods and the smoking tire are both infinitely better, and that was even when I was blinded by my fanboiism.

I don't want anyone to fail, but instead of saying "hey, we don't know what we are doing! Lets **** people out if money and go international with a video show!" you should have said "let's make the magazine (if financially feasible), honor our subscribers, and try this video stuff on the side".
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