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Originally Posted by headaike View Post
Apologies, Back from the Dead!

I searched for several hours, but can seem to get a concrete answer.

My question is if the ECU is flashed to Stage 1 or 2 via Cobb AP does it make the ECU dumb? Meaning the ECU will not adjust Timing when it detects knock, it will only read the MAP(stage 1 or stage 2) that is flashed into the ECU no matter what.
Will flashing eliminate "stored learned memory"? as the ECU learns as you drive and adjusts air/fuel, timing, etc based on sensor readings

I'm hoping COBB can chime in this...
sorry if this has been covered on a previous thread

This is my first Subaru Sti
I used to own an Acura RSX type-S supercharged tuned with Hondata Kpro.
Hondata Kpro made the ECU dumb it only follows what ever is on the map.
There are parameters though that you can set like Temperature compensation, Timing retard each gear and fuel cut-off when the AFR is too lean and many more.
Hi there.

The Accessport retains all the safety features and logic of the factory engine control unit (ECU). This means the knock correction and fuel learning functions (among many others) are retained. What we modify is the calibration data. The ECU has a number of tables which govern boost/fuel/ign. timing/cam. timing/throtle mapping/etc and we modify these for better performance and driveability and to work with specific modifications. Because we are modifying the calibration data (as Subaru would if they were making tuning changes for a car), all of the factory logic is retained. We do make code changes to allow for specific Cobb features like real-time tuning and the addition of launch control, but these do not impact the normal operation of the factory ECU other than allow you to use these features that would otherwise not normally be present.

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