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Originally Posted by blessthekellen View Post
4800 miles...ringland failure? was this with stock tune or with the stage 2 tune/bolt ons?
Not covered under warranty??
Ringland failure occurred at 19k miles. 15k of those miles were driven on a stock tune. I've always had misfire issues ever since I got the car, on cyl 4. Subaru has updated the software on my car at least 2-3 times. And the issue was never resolved. I did a compression test before I decided to go with a Cobb Stage 1 tune, and everything checked out, and then shortly after I installed the downpipe with a protune with 5k miles and it decided to blow. Not a tuner issue, as our local guy has tuned literally hundreds of subarus without fail.

Originally Posted by Jesse G View Post
How many miles did you drive without an alignment? Those tires got torn up!
Yes, toe was all out of wack when we installed the suspension on. The tires probably had about 3k miles on them after the suspension install. I hated them anyways, so part of me really didn't care about it. Not to mention I had a friend that had an extra set for me for practically free...

Originally Posted by MrFine67 View Post
WOW dude I remember being obsessed with your B6 man!!!
I too came from the audi world on to subaru. Congrats on the new car!
Small world! Thanks! Were you on Audizine?

Originally Posted by scoops86 View Post

Love the aggressive offset!! I just picked up a +22 myself.

Any tips on fitment? How much camber are you running?
With stock tire size, I still rub over dips after a pretty aggressive roll and poll. Hence I ordered new suspension bits for this coming summer. (GT spec rear camber arms, toe arms, and eibach camberbolts). It's doable, but does take a decent amount of work...

Originally Posted by smiththrs View Post
Yeah, go and ask the guy that knows so much about fitment that he neglects an alignment so much that it destroys his tires, he must be the expert. Nice car but take car of it for god sake.
There is a difference between knowledge and neglect. In this scenario, it was neglect. Coilovers were installed after I got off work late in the evening, I didn't really have much time for a alignment during that time due to work. But no excuse, should of done it sooner, but now I get to replace them since I HATE how loud they are. Not to mention, I can get a thicker tire so I don't have to run as much "stretch". I can't hardly wait to wear out this set.
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