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OMGHi2U 2000 Fozzy, custom rotated TD04...Wut

The list:

-Stock block
-rotated and clocked TD04
-06-07 wrx wastegate actuator
-02-05 wrx intercooler w/ custom inlet
-Custom 2" up-pipe
-Custom 2.5" Downpipe
-Borla replica UEL headers
-ACT HDSS clutch
-2.5" intake pipe with AEM Dryflow
-wrx 440cc injectors
-Stock wrx fuel pump
-Emanage Ultimate
-2004 wrx hoodscoop
-2004 wrx struts with tein springs

The car: I originally had an 03 WRX for two years...long story short, sold it and wanted to find a NA subie for a reliable DD. I figured I wouldn't do much besides lower it and upgrade the sound system. Another long story made short; I found a 2000 Forester, 5 speed, 190k with a recently replaced engine for sale... I was stupidly in a rush to buy a car after searching for about a month. This was being sold by those russian folk on craigslist that are always buying broken Subies and reselling them. Of course, he made up some story about buying the car for his wife, but she didn't want it blah, blah, blah...I knew the real story because I had talked to him previously when he wanted to buy my wrx. So I was a bit leery. After driving the car around the block and looking it over, I was surprised at how well it drove and the cleanliness of it.

Bought it, and then the problems started showing up. On the way home from Anchorage to Anchor Point, the CEL came on and the cruise control didn't work. Also, since the factory plastic undertray was on the car, I couldn't see the massive oil leak under the car, which turned out to be the headgaskets.

A little later I bought some 04 wrx struts and some Tein S-Techs to get rid of the nasty wheel gap.

Then it was time to fix the headgaskets. I had done a ton of research and found out you could do it with the engine in the car (I had never pulled an engine before). But to me, that didn't seem like the best way to do it. And after more research I decided to pull the motor myself and do a complete headgasket and engine seal overhaul. Pulling the engine was a lot easier than I had imagined.

I used EJ257 headgaskets because they are multi-layer steel (unlike the standard EJ251 gaskets) and are a direct fit to the EJ251. All the passages line up the same. Considering I didn't know the mileage of the engine (since it had been replaced), I did the timing belt, idlers, water pump as well as most of the engine seals including cam, crank, rear main seals.

Had the heads checked and machined for flatness. I took my sweet time with this project because I wanted to do it right the first time. That and waiting for parts, it took me a few weeks to complete.

All ready to go back in

Put it all back together and threw on some borla replica uel headers I got from ebay. I *thought* these were gonna give me the subie rumble... nope. Need a catback exhaust or atleast a cat delete pipe. Oh well, they look cool.

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