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Off course the HTA71 is a hype to be, it's just a reasonable priced turbo that pushes good torque and power. my opnion .......'s just another 71mm compressor with a to small hotside, that comes relatively cheap and will do for 95% of the scooby community that's working in the powerlevels the hta71 could deliver. It fooks with the engine's VE due to the small hotside, so you have to run high boost. And not a **** was given. Because it's all about the pub-numbers......but it performance for what you pay for it, but do not expect miracles. A 71mm compressor should do ca 430hp, and that's just what it does.

Now if you take a decent -non cheap ass turbo-, with a proper hotside (10cm or bigger), and super fancy BB, billet compressor, you will notice you need MUCH less boost for same output (or even more output) and much more toppower. Your AIT will go down drastically, which will able you to push timing more. In the end, when everything matches inside the engine, you will push either bigger numbers, or can step down in compressor size to keep same numbers but gain in spool and response.

For what it's worth, a little info on my setup (08Sti)
I'm running a MDX321T in stock location from Lateral Performance (Turbo Dynamics) which is a hybrid GT3071, with a 68mm billet compressor wheel, and the hotside untouched (only IWG) Result 400Nm/2400rpm 600Nm/3000rpm, 685Nm(500ftlbs) 3250rpm and 430hp from 4200rpm till redline (on a built Cosworth Motor 8,6 CR with std heads). The respons is awesome, pushing all this air through the std Sti 08 Tmic. Yes I stepped down in size, caise my priority was spool, respons, and early torque. I do not say my setup is better than an HTA71, I just would like to point out that there is power and power. Topend is most probably the same, but the area under the graph is unequalled.

A good turbo doesn't come cheap, and the initial feeling with a fresh mounted HTA71 will be freaking awesome, I know that, i've done that

Till the moment somebody with a quality built lines up, hits the throttle, and just rockets off. You will not and cannot believe your eyes at that moment.

But when you talk to the guy that just killed you massively, and start thinking for yourself in stead of following main stream mods that fit your car, but actually do not suit the engine

And to my opinion that's what the HTA71 is and will be, just another mainstream 71mm compressor turbo.

No trolling intended,

Erik (The Netherlands)
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