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First of all "Dean" the 10 minute tire swap was in reference to the time required to drive my car with YOUR tires. obviously swapping wheels and tires takes more then 10 minutes. Anybody with an ounce of common sense knows this.

I warned you I had to work that night and as a server you are finished when all your work is done. This is predicated on a dozen factors that are beyond your control like: how late a table stays, whether a manager or closer will check and sign you out, whether the dishwasher washes the silverware for you to roll it, whether enough people left for you to split your section, whether there are weekly cleaning duties on sundays for detailing. I told you on multiple occasions that I could get out by 830, could be 1030. you really don't know and can't know. That being said this was the only day in both of our schedules that worked out.

Excuse me for working as a server, as a TA per my assistantship and studying with a full scholarship in a graduate program. I certainly am this irresponsible, inconsiderate, incompetent, belligerent character that you make me out to be. If Dean said it, it must be true.


I said thank you a dozen times, offered you gloves, offered you coffee, food etc. I tried to award you financially for your troubles when it all was said and done. In fact, I said "are you sure" 3 times after insisting that you take the money I offered you. You would not take it so you cannot blame me for this (quite hypocritical).

I am sorry about your jack. A small screw was loosened a couple turns too much. Nobody at the time, including you or I even fathomed that this was "ruining" your jack. I let me know if you have any problems with it. Obviously I would reimburse someone for any incidental damage that may have been caused.

Your comments are quite asinine, belligerent and ignorant.

The fact that you are sure I have not sorted it out literally made me laugh out loud. This is a clear reflection of character. Actually Dean, "someone" isn't the word that comes to mind but I will not flame you. I am however obliged to stand up for myself when someone flames me abhorrently and inaccurately.

I would be glad to pay the cost of fixing your jack and reward you for your time and efforts. In fact, I tried to do so multiple times and you turned it down. Your decision.

Maybe it would have been more professional and a better portrayal of sound judgement and character to take up any issues, concerns or misunderstandings you had directly with me. You have my cell and email. This was uncalled for. A man settles an issue with another man directly, and does not indirectly defame him only in a wild rant.

As much as it pains me to be somewhat professional here I will do so. Pm me with your address and I will send you a gift card for dinner at a restaurant of your choice. Find out of cost of fixing your jack and I will reimburse it. You should have come straight to me with this immediately.

As it turns out I was correct about the driveline problem. Guess I am as clueless and incompetent as you insinuated. It is in fact a rear passenger wheel bearing and has been properly diagnosed and fixed.

Thank you.
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