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For reference, car is a 2004 Outback H6 LLBean. Heard some good ones when I had it (Summer 2010 to May 2012; last 2 years of high school). It now belongs to my little brother, who's getting his license soon.

1. Friend: "Wait, is this another sun roof?? Oh my god, it is!!!!! Awesome!!"

2. Mom: "So, how are you liking the car?"
Me: "I love it haha. Could use a bit of tweaking though; sway bars, Legacy suspension, new brakes, and headers would do the job"
Mom: "I don't know what those are, but I don't want you putting them on"
Me: "But I'll pay for-"
Mom: "No."
*Update: Now in college and saving for either a 5MT swap or an LGT.

3. Little brother (after we've just driven most of Mulholland relatively quickly): *sniffs* "Hey, do you smell something burning"
Me: "Yes. My brakes."
Little brother: "Hold on, I'll go splash some water on them to cool them down."
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