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Originally Posted by e11ys View Post
This is getting OT, but whatevs (don't hurt me BigElm). IMHO, disliking electric motors for the sake of disliking electric motors is kinda silly. What's not to like? Cleaner, extremely efficient, instantaneous torque and the list goes on. There's no reason a car driven by an electric motor(s) can't be as much or more fun than a car with an internal combustion engine (once the battery tech advances enough to fix the issues with range). The day when electric motors start to completely replace internal combustion engines is coming. The only thing holding them back right now is battery tech. Might as well embrace it now to save yourself some disappointment down the road.
I am glad you like them, but they are dull, quiet, blender motors. I have driven indoor 'performance' single speed karts that are gas driven and ones that are electric. The sounds, vibration, power delivery of the gas karts is something I prefer.

electric motors tend to feel like they are running out of steam up top, where a good ICE builds and feels great as she revs. You are getting to hung up on numbers and not what it FEELS like to drive a great car. There is substacially more to a car than numbers. Being able to pop the hood and seeing a beautiful motor. Hearing that glorious sound of a well tuned exhaust. Electric cars are just blenders by comparison. Pretty blenders, but blenders none the less.

elirentz picked up on what I was saying and I agree with his assessment. I would rather have a pure car one way or the other, and would prefer of course the one that burns dead dinos.
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