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Originally Posted by scott_gunn View Post
Scrappy/elirentz - Ferrarri states the electrical system improves the power/weight ratio on the website linked in the first post. It also states the torque from the electrical motor gave them freedom to optimize the V12 for high RPM power delivery, which probably is the main reason this car is going to sound, drive, and be awesome.

I realize it may be all marketing fluff but it seems reasonable to assume that if Ferrarri could make a faster one without this HY-KERS system, they would. We'll see. If this ends up being the best performing Ferrarri, then score one for the hybrid system.
If Ferrari said it, then it must be true... they never lie.

But having said that, I am sure they were able to fine tune a motor to not to have to make much power down low, but how much time on a track do you spend taking off from a stop?

And no, I do not believe the battery bits made the motor sound that way. Take them out and I promise you it would sound Just as spectacular. The 458 sounds like a symphony of awesome, and does not have any of these bits. A motor that revs to 9200 is going to sound just like a motor that revs to 9200 with an electric motor. The electric motor probably made it faster in a straight line I have no doubt.

They did not have to worry about it pulling from idle anymore I guess. So they could cam it up. Take away the electric bits and the car would probably be slower (but lighter) but it would no doubt sound the same or close enough to the same as you would not care. (<--educated guess)

The veyron has a great power to weight ratio, but still feels heavy and drives heavy until it gets to the straights. Weight is weight.

I mean, if I had to have an Electric motor on my car, I think this implementation is probably how I would like it. But as of now, I do not have to have an electrical motor on my car.
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