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Default Avoid Cosworth Right Now

Yes, I have a low post count, and yes, I have been waiting awhile to post anything about this. I have searched and not found anything about this on the forum so far, my apologies if this is just a repost. I am sure many of you already know about Cosworth's "restructuring" and are patiently waiting for parts. For those that do not know, Cosworth is either completely shutting down, or severely limiting their US operations to the point of being non functional.

My story begins with a Spun bearing in December and not deciding on a piston/shop until the end of January. At that time, I placed an order at for 99.75 pistons and rings. The order went through, and I was charged. I waited a week while the order status was pending and there was no update before I attempted to contact Cosworth. A few days later, the money was refunded to my account with no call or email. At this point, I tried more vehemently to reach out to them, calling over and over until someone finally answered and recognized my name from the voice mail I had left before. He told me about their restructuring, the closing of the Illinois location, and the downsizing of the California facility. I was told the online ordering system should not be up, and that my order should not have gone through but they would do the order over the phone. Now, here I am a month later, and I cant reach anyone at Cosworth USA. My card has not been charged and I was not provided a PO as promised... I don't know if anyone is still employed there, I was under the impression he may have been the last employee when I spoke to him. Anyway, just venting and providing a warning if you are holding your breath and waiting for parts. Maybe they will show, maybe they won't. This is just my experience so far, and I have nothing to show for it. The Cossie's really are the only piston I have found that I want. A good 4032 with what seemed to be the best design.. and reportedly quiet.

Mods: If this belongs in the built motor forum or vendor review forum maybe, feel free to move it. Here's hoping for a happy finnish to all this. Maybe my pistons will show up in another week or two, but this is my story, and why my car still sits untouched, the poor girl. By the way, the online ordering system is still up...

Update already: I have heard back from Calli! I figured as soon as I posted anything that Murphy's law would kick in. Will keep this thread updated, it seems US operations are still moving along, but Cosworth corporate must not be making things easy. I just want my Cossie pistons and love my car.

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