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Originally Posted by quentinberg007 View Post
Dude, you are the guy that operates only in absolutes. It is impossible for the PDK to be more fun because you'd driven both on pedestrian vehicles in the past, and the stick was more fun, and that is law. Putting ones self in the target market of this car (lots of money, Porsche track rat that can be used as a daily driver), I can see the PDK being the better choice. Buy a BRZ or Miata for 1/5th the money if you want to spend your track time perfecting your heel toe downshift. Why buy what is effectively a very fast, streetable track car and then make it slower because you want to feel more engaged? When I buy my FR-S, it will be a 6MT because the most track time it will see is auto-x. I can't afford to trash my $25k toy car at the track. If you can pay the $100k+ entry fee for a GT3, a streetable track car, you aren't out there for the connection to the machine. You are out there to go as fast as possible. If this were a more normal 911, MT all the way. When you are one step removed from a GT3 RS, I think that the PDK starts to make a lot more sense.
I think the answer is a combination of your response and SCRAPPY's. Some want a third pedal because they want a third pedal. Some don't want a third pedal because they want a faster PDK. Simple as that. It is personal preference but it still sucks Porsche won't even offer a manual as an option. This is suppose to be a driver's car and many drivers prefer a three pedal setup.
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