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Originally Posted by Jack ffr1846 View Post
Clearly, you guys don't live in Massachusetts. If you did, I'd have to call both of you morons. Mass has one of the stongest Lemon law/warantee laws in the US. Our DMV (called RMV here) specifically says what the used car warantee is, what it covers, the time period, what to do if a car fails inspection and how to return a car that a seller refuses to take back. They also specifically say that the words "as is" mean absolutely nothing. Yes, this applies to private parties and yes it applies to used cars. There are no STis that are old enough to be exempt. There is a mileage exemption, so if you have a bazillion miles on it, you could be exempt.

If you want to protect yourself, get the car inspected tomorrow. A record of a passing test would help your case if he has to return it.

As an ease on your mind, I had someone want to return a car once. They decided that they could not afford it and so tried to say that all kinds of things were wrong. He did not fail he had nothing to stand on.

This is all on the MassDot RMV site.
I know its not gonna pass inspection because of the illegal tint on the windows also no cats and extremely loud exhaust so he could use that as an excuse if within the 30 days he does not wanna keep it anymore, just say it didnt pass inspection..
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