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Originally Posted by averagewhiteboy View Post
Guys, question for you..

So, today my area got hit with some of the snow attacking the north east. It was a very fat, thick snow. In terms of traction, the car was amazing. Never slipped or hesitated once. However, I did have two things I wanted to ask. Not really "concerns", but figured I'd ask..

1) The ABS on this car seems to be super touchy. Never noticed it before. It may have been the overly chunky snow, and/or the iffy-at-best stock Yoko's. But the car kept wanting to jut to a stop.

2) Seeing an opportunity, I pulled into an open parking lot (no one around,, tapped the traction off button, and attempted to fling the car around a few times. If I tried to mostly finagle it using the throttle, the car kept trying to self-countersteer. If I pulled the e-brake and let it carry it's self around, it'd slide, but then again self countersteer. This, again, was with the traction button pressed to off. Is this "normal"? I mean, of course the car being used for normal conditions and situations should be driving straight and not swinging around.. But I figured that by turning it off, most of the nanny stuff should be off. It was rather disappointing.

Again, not sure if it was just this thick snow or what. I've done a couple tiny swing arounds before and it's worked good. But trying to actually do it tonight didn't work out too well. Is there some kind of extra traction control thing or variation of VSC I'm missing? I'm used to poking the VSC button in my Si and it letting me do what I want..

In addition, is the touchy ABS mostly just the tires? I realize they're iffy tires, and narrow at that. Didn't really think snows are necessary in these cars for a couple inches of fat snow. lol Would even just a wider, better all season help?

For reference, the car is a 13 Sport with CVT and 2k on the clock, with stock tires.
It's the tires. My wife's Imp has winter tires and the ABS intervention is not frequent as a result. As for the traction control... well, the car is very good at keeping you straightened out, on or off.
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