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Originally Posted by vwgti123 View Post
You should really listen to yourself.... I mean really sit there look in the mirror and think about it! So driving on a test sample hitting the computer RE-SET (which means nothing IMO) and seeing some display showing me I hit x # MPG makes it okay that my CVT in real world driving, and again ( I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE EFFICIENTLY) does not reach the advertised MPG's refill after refill does what??? NOTHING

Your arrogant ignorance is telling us how we should be happy with our real world MPG's, and then telling us why we are not reaching them b/c we are lying how we drive? WTF are you, and you dont even have a CVT? You really are a friggin tool box. I dont get it.. do you work for Subaru or somthing?... what is your problem? I truley do not get it.

Everyday I get up, get into my car, drive as efficiently as I can (become an obsession sometimes) and my CVT car mostly highway during my commute does not break the 30MPG hand calc. Are you dense or something.. I dont need you tell me how to drive and why I am not reaching them.. IT IS THE CAR. Are you retarded or something. This is very simple, why do you keep rebuttling. The CVT does not reach the advertised MPG's. Thats It! DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!!!! Do you think I dont want it to or something. And seriously, to all who have stated many times that they are happy with the MPG's there are having.. God Bless, enjoy your cars. I guess my standards are different. Oh man, dont know what else to say. Uggh
What I understand clearly is that you either cannot read or you do not understand what you read.

The fact is anyone can read this forum and see that some people driving Impreza's with CVT transmissions are achieving the advertised mpg's, even though you are not.

So stop conflating your personal experience with the experience of others who are providing evidence that contradicts you.

If some drivers can get the numbers, and you cannot, of course it means that all Impreza's with the CVT do not reach the advertised MPG's.

That makes perfect sense?

Sorry, you just failed logic.

It would be true if you said "my impreza does not meet the advertised MPG's" , so try writing statements that can be proven by you, and not statements that can be easily disproven by me, and we can have a conversation.
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