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wow, i'm kind of embarrassed. I did both seats today after finally figuring out how to unhook the fabric on the bottom...I spent about 1 hour figuring out the drivers side and looking at things. the passenger side literally took me 7-8 minutes start to finish.

1. unzip the sides
2. unhook the bottom fabric by pulling it forward and then down. you will feel the seem where the front and back meet, that is where you need to seperate it.
3. unhook seat heater from bottom, it is a green plug
4. roll up back fabric until you see the metal rings. use a screwdriver and seperate them and then finish rolling the fabric up as high as it will go.
5. there are 4 metal hooks, 2 per side, remove them
5a. there are 2 more metal rings that hold the springs to the foam, leave them alone, you dont need to remove them, i did on the drivers side and it is a pain to get them back
6. stick your head in the seat to see where the hooks are, then push up on one side at a time and remove them.
7. you can snake your hand up into the seat and install the new bushings press firmly they are a little tough to get in until you figure it out. 1 side has to go first. if you get them they will snap into place.
8. put the hooks back into the new bushings
9. reconnect the 4 side hooks.
10. zip up the sides
11. reconnect the seat heater
12. fold the bottom piece over itself and reinstall.
13. profit!

these instructions took me longer to type than it did for me to install the passenger side bushings.

you might also see that the the lower set of hooks has worn through the paper insulation, i wrapped a piece of a rag and zip tied it in place to provide some insulation just in case.

time for a test drive! i hope it is fixed, the outside lower lumbar hook was loose on my drivers seat, which explains why it felt like my seat was twisted, hopefully that fixes the discomfort i was experiencing.
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