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Originally Posted by kellygnsd View Post
I'm not sure but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say no. The one in you DP would give you consistent results but the others would be varying based on EGBP which will not be constant based on engine load, boost, state of turbo spool, etc so you wouldn't be able to get any consisted correlation between the DP and the header mounted O2 sensors readings without knowing the pressure in the header at that instant.
If you get the AEM unit, it will do the processing for you.

The real issue is the price and utility. You'll need to weld in the 4 bungs and purchase the o2 sensors, and I wouldn't expect them to last very long at high boost despite a heat sink. Once the per cylinder comps are set, I'd think that normal tuning off the regular wideband could resume. In other words, I dont think that per comps would need to be modified often unless you have crappy injectors that you'd like to monitor. The only question that I have is how long do those 02 sensors live so close to the exhaust ports, even with the heatsinks? I would think that you're primarily looking for the delta between cylinders more than using the individual sensors for closed loop feedback control. Once you can reduce the deltas, how often do you need to log?

If they don't last long, I'd probably pay half or a portion and ask a tuner to pay half so that they could keep it for other cars as that would make it more practical for dyno use. But then again, who's going to weld in 4 bungs just for a good tune?
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