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Default Huge AF correction in CL, very rich in OL cruise

I've been chasing this problem with my own very limited knowledge for a while and it's time to seek outside counsel.

I have a wideband, i'm protuned (on AP v1, but logging with romraider). Based on observation of my wideband and a ton of logging, i've come to a couple conclusions.

A) I have very large AF #1 correction in closed loop. Essentially it will continue to climb as RPMs increase until it switches back to open loop @ ~3k rpm

B)Idle, Cruising in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, whatever gear between idle and 2500 rpm yields an extremely rich condition, occasionally down into the low 11s on the wideband and corroborated with readings from the front O2.

Learning view shows no learned knock and no learned fueling corrections, IAM is 1. No CELs. Tried unplugging front O2, obviously sticks in OL. Recently replaced rear O2. I can cruise above 2500 RPM on the highway in 5th and fluctuate between 14-15.3 AFR, but i don't know what AF correction is doing during that time.

Low speed cruise log:

another low speed cruise log:

I know there's some knock in there that has me raising my eyebrow, i don't usually see any knock but maybe these are all related. Also i realize IAM .75 in this log, i had reset my ECU slightly prior during my troubleshooting. That could be why i'm seeing more timing pulled than normal, but there is definitely a knock event there. You may also notice the knock sum is really high until it mysteriously goes to zero. Could this be indicative of a bad knock sensor? Knock seems to increment quickly at idle and low rpm cruise.

I would humbly appreciate any advice i can get. I'm planning on getting a new OS tune from AWDtuning as soon as they can get me in, but i would like to have this issue ironed out first.
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