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Originally Posted by sxotty View Post
I cannot believe how poorly this is doing.

I am actually bummed since I want a SUV PHEV myself for my next vehicle. If this is selling so terribly then it is possible that no automaker will bother making my ideal vehicle.

The question is: Is this b/c the people who buy EVs for image issues don't want to be seen in a SUV? Is it b/c people who like SUVs want to go camping etc (or pretend they will)?

I remember the first hybrid that was sold and cost effective was the Chevy silverado which was also poorly received even though the payback was fairly quick. When you do the calculations the best options for PHEVs and hybrids are still SUVs, but they certainly haven't got the same reception.
Well, I think the Rav EV would do a little better if there weren't an obviously new version of the Rav sitting beside it on lots. The other thing that goes against the SUV EV is that the SUV says "freedom" to most of America*. A limited range does limit that freedom to an extent.

I'd be all about a hybrid 4Runner but I don't think it would be well received. I love my Prius, though, so the crosssection of people that love their nerdy hybrid and their BOF SUV is probably pretty narrow.

*Despite most of today's SUVs being confined to pavement and gravel roads.
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