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Originally Posted by spwaterockit View Post
Wow... I never would have thought of the car looking like its falling out of the frame. I knew something didn't quite look right, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Great suggestion, Thank you!

I promise this is my last night shot without proper lighting... I realize there are so many things wrong with this photo (cars growing trees, composition, lighting, etc.), but my question is particularly about photographing headlights and making them look natural. It seems even with a smaller f-stop (high number), I get quite a glare from the lights as a result of trying to properly expose the rest of my subject. Any suggestions to this effect?

My other question relates to depth of field. I was expecting the trees in the background on this one to be much blurrier compared to the car. Is it perhaps too much backlight?

I was going more for something like this. The fencing in the background of this one is much closer to the car than the trees in the one above. How can I better control my depth of field?

Any other suggestions about how I could have better shot the second two? I think its time for a polarizer

Thanks as always!
headlights are tricky, at night i find myself snapping one photo of the car exposed right, then the headlights exposed right then you' just put the two together...otherwise just try to make sure that the lights are beaming right at the camera and you should be okay. another way is to close the aperture and slow the shutter down to get the most light you can in..

here are some of my best attempts, still not perfect but the angle effects it ALOT. also if you dont have a tripod at night just dont bother this was at a very low shutter speed and it was foggy out.

as for depth of field. well what aperture are you at?

lastly, try not to make the care the entire frame.
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