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My friend went to them for a long time. Spent thousands of dollars with them. He had positive and negative things about them, but the positive out weighed the negative for a while.... They were a little more friends then just a random customer, they ****ed up his car, he took it up very professionally with them, kept it private and even offered to help pay some to fix it even tho they were responsible. They ignored him and the situation and it all blew up into this... Read the story in the link. (I wouldn't let these guys torque a single bolt on my car if they paid me)

....For those of you who aren't a member here, but you should read it all....
First off, your resurrecting something that is at least 2 years old, probably well over. Secondly, its clear from the pictures exactly what happened; the input shaft got pushed out of the trans from being overloaded. Ny-Quils car certainly made enough power at that time to cause that to happen to the trans.

You can ask either of the two most respected Evo/DSM trans builders (Jon Ripple at TRE or John Shepherd from ShepTrans), and they will tell you that they have seen this plenty of times.

Infact, I remember all the bickering about some this a while back, and people stating that no loctite was used on the bolts, and talking about how some Neon Tuning shop said that loctite was supposed to be use on all clutch cover bolts. Someone finally posted Quarter Masters instructions and an email from them stating that it wasn't necessary to use loctite on the bolts.

Everyone I have ever heard speak about Slick Motorsports has had positive things to say, and his fabrication skills are top-notch.

Sounds to me like your either trying to stir up trouble for some personal reason, or your simply ill-informed.
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