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Originally Posted by keepclam View Post
Thanks, A W.

I've always thought of 2WD SUVs & Crossovers as rather pointless.
Well some people like to drive SUV's and CUV's because of the raised seating position, safety in crashes compared to the "competition", and ability to transport people or items of a large size. FWD is just another way to get more MPG for people who care more about the dollar shock at the pump compared to the trauma shock of being stuck in the snow/mud. Yes, I agree; it's kind of odd to buy a SUV/CUV without AWD/4WD but gas prices seems to be on the mind of a lot of people. I only hope they use that saved money to buy winter tires so I don't have to deal with them on the roads when it's snowing.

Ironically they offer FWD (AWD optional) on the Acura RDX after the remodel which is an oxymoron. People who should be able to buy the remodeled RDX shouldn't be worried about MPG as much in order to downgrade to FWD. They're a luxury brand to begin with. It's like offering a luxury version of the Accord Crosstour and calling it the ZDX.

But in the end, it can't be more pointless than a Tesla S with RWD in the snow. At least with FWD you can make do in the snow. I honestly would never buy a RAV4 based solely on the fact that Toyota's AWD is worthless and they've ditched the V6 in the gas model. I've never been a fan of anything but boxer engines too.
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