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Originally Posted by EJ20cosworth View Post
Actually kiddo it was worked on a a highly respected ls1/NASA/scca shop. I would like to keep names out. So get facts straight. I was there and saw everything first hand. Please explaine to me how a input shaft would back bolts out? I never mentioned locktite. If you knew anything about how a bolt works you would understand that under extreme load the heads would shear off not magically go "oh **** I'm going to unscrew myself". Troll
Trolling has nothing to do with it, and I don't particularly care about your opinion, or some ls1/NASA/scca shops either. You can insult me and my knowledge of how bolts work, that's fine, but I can guarantee you I fully understand the situation. I'm not trying to be the all knowledgeable guy on this thread, but it's clear from the pictures what happened. And if you would like, you could actually talk to one of the Evo Trans experts about how often an input shaft is over loaded and pushes itself out of the case (helical gears).

Anywho, what is the purpose of you bring up "old news" that's over argued? Still sounds to me like your attempting to slander Slick for some reason or another. It's time for me to make my exit, and return to nasioc hibernation for another several years.
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