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Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
Love the background! The first shot is a bit too up close and personal, since the lens distortion is making the car look a bit weird. Your third shot is composed well, but I think there's just a bit too much angle to it. The second shot is your strongest of the three, but I'd say the car is a bit too centered vertically and I might just straighten it in accordance to the background.

Overall though, I think your exposure is a little too dark for all three shots. The last shot comes closest to being correct, but even the white ghost in the background really isn't very white. I would venture to guess that the histogram on each of these three shots don't have very many peaks on the right (white) side of it.
Thanks for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated. I was a bit torn with the first shot but I decided I liked it so I kept it. I can definitely understand the too up close and personal part of what you're saying though.

As for the angle, I'm definitely new to adding angle to my pictures so I'll remember to dial that down next time in PP. I'll play around with the picture some more in PS and see what I can get as far as straightening it out as well and also play with the exposure to see what I can get.

My camera was being a bit weird, I say that because I shot all of these in aperture priority mode and some were REALLY over exposed and some were pefect straight out of the camera, with minor adjustments to sharpness etc.

The thing about the whiteness is the white really wasn't that vibrant on the wall either. The wall art is actually on the side of someone's house and who knows how long it's been there. Like I said though, I'll keep playing with the pics and see what I can turn up. Again, thank you for the feedback!
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