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Originally Posted by manitou View Post

LOL, obsessive is good with car parts and systems! It shows in the quality of your stuff. Junior and I were just discussing and giving high praise to your work yesterday, were your ears burning? Seriously though, when you look at your mandrel bent headers, the material, the path they follow and the results....well they speak for themselves!!

The compressor flange looks to be v-band compatable, correct?

Not to take anything away from this low mount kit but turbos spool so fast in the stock location or rotated stock location with your headers that it may be difficult to justify the cost of the low mount kit with smaller/ mid size turbos for the gains. I think this low mount will shine, the bigger you go turbo wise because the shorter piping will aid in spool up of the big guys! Kind of like what Junior is doing with the PTE6766 and his soon to be forward facing front mount location. Talk about short and efficient piping! I love what you're doing though and I'll bet the 3576 will shine on your kit!

Think about the waste gate exhaust though, it's a shame to route it back into the down pipe and loose some of the gains. Look at the discussion in the external waste gate muffler thread that we have been having! I'll post up a link here.
The gains should be everywhere for a given psi of inlet pressure, less energy required to achieve a specific shaft speed, lower overall egbp and less turbulence from the reduced bends. You just may not see it with this turbo and only torque as the indicators. The engine should be happier which is not to say its not unhappy in the stock location.

Plus one of the competing theories about the value of features like split pulse is the increased total volume from running two long secondaries to the stock location. One could argue that the increased volume would limit the effect. The idea is not so much low mount as it is reduced header volume while increasing efficiency. It just so happens that most designs will put the collector closer to the ports.
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