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Originally Posted by teefivetee View Post
I feel if I had a hg issue I'd have way more problems....
I understand the thought process there. I am not saying it is a HG issue but I can tell you that I've had similar issues as to which you are explaining; those issues started off small and very randomly. Fact a lot of folks around the here can chime in about their issues and I'm pretty sure 90+ % will say their issues started small and intermittently.

Like your example, my temp would spike up a bit and in boost while going up hill or driving on an incline for a few minutes. There is a pretty nice hill on the freeway that takes about 3 mins to get to the top of. I'd say 2 out of 10 times my temp would spike to the middle, above where it usually is, and would lower when coming down the hill (keep in mind this is at fwy speeds).

This was two and a half years ago! I thought something was wrong but I could never find anything... it was randomly happening (like I said 2 out of 10 times when driving in that location). I noticed it happening on other steep inclines, such as mountain roads and so on, Anything that was a good up hill drive. I'd go months (3 or more) without any issues.

Then came other small issues from time to time.. Example: taking a trip on the freeway for hours then pulling off the freeway to get some grub and meanwhile I'd see a spike in temp while in the drive through or randomly idling at a light... I'd start to drive and the temp would slowly drop back to normal.

Then I started to notice coolant pushing into the overflow, never overflowing but getting higher and higher. Sometime I think this was the issue to the random heat ups but im sure it was doing this when in normal temp (or when not looking under the hood after every drive). Bubbles in the expansion tank as well, regardless of coolant rising and even present with normal temps (not getting hot).

So after over two and a half years of random crap, stupid increases of temp randomly, and having checked all the basics.. (fans, burping, radiator caps, low coolant, so on) I'm left to block testing the engine. Still those test come back negative but every time I get into the boost, boom it pukes over and if I don't watch out, it will heat up as the air displaces coolant and the system basically is filled with coolant and air.

I guess my whole point here is:

1. You shouldn't see a raise in temp while in boost and in 6th. Think of when before you had this issue and I bet you never saw a spike no matter how hot outside, how the AC was full blast blasting cool air, and how you were boosting in 6th with smile! The temp stayed rock solid right!?

I'm not trying to scare you and I'm not saying HG is the ultimate issue here but something is not right.

Originally Posted by HinshawWRX View Post
I feel like unless you have a way to truly monitor coolant temp during the "issue" you have no way of telling if it is an issue. I wouldn't be concerned if it only happened during the times you described, as it truly doesn't make the car overheat. Keep in mind the stock gauge is essentially a dumby gauge anyways and not a true way to record coolant temp.

When you see an increase while in a certain driving situation.. I.E Boost pulling in 6th.. The sensor is registering the heat up and the needle moves. So regardless of it being a "dummy" gauge the gauge is registering an issue (increase of temp) and returns when, in this case, he is not in boost. So I'd still say it is doing its job and registering accurate temp readings.
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