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Originally Posted by ShiftGear View Post
due in June.
Three more months until you find out.

Originally Posted by Spike_916 View Post
I've had those dreams several times. It's like you are paralyzed with the feeling of something is in the shadows of your room but you canít yell for some reason. I lucid dream a lot which sucks because I have had dreams Iíve died many times. One dream I was stabbed to death and I could feel it, I laid their helpless and slowly dying. Another dream I was shot, my soul left my body and I was watching myself slowly die in an ally way. Most of my dreams feel completely real as if I am actually there. Iíve felt like I was fighting wars on other planets against aliens, etc.

One time during a paralysis type dream, I was looking around my room frozen in my bed. The ceiling became a huge window. I was looking up out a window that looked down on a city (if that makes sense). Then I felt this jolt in my chest and a bright white tunnel appeared. Each time I felt the jolt it got clearer, after like the 4th time I was able to see something. It was a vision through my eyes in another universe, I must have collapsed in a coffee shop and paramedics where trying to revive me. Softly after I woke up completely freaked out.

I have woken up with half my body asleep. One weird time I woke up to go to the bathroom and half my head was asleep which threw off my Equilibrium so I ended up running into everything on the way. What magnifies my lucid dreams are Advil PMís, NyQuil, or Alcohol, makes it feel like an eternity in the dream but I still wake up feeling exhausted.
Sounds horrible. Did you check this out with a doctor?
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