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Vehicle was purchased used about 6 months ago with 110,000km on the clock. Last documented trans fluid change was at 70,000km. Car now has 115,000km. I was able to take the pan off today to check for any obvious mechanical issues or clogged filter screens. The fluid was clean, the filter was not clogged, and the particle magnet had very little metal fuzz on it.

Problems started to show itself about 1.5 months ago when it would only shift back and forth at 50kph. Now it's doing the low speed and high speed stuff. Also, today I had to give it moderate throttle from a stop making an immediate 90* right hand turn. When the car shifted into second gear it felt like a had "dropped the clutch" from 4,000 rpm from shifting so hard. then it would not shift out of second gear. I was able to come to a stop and check to make sure nothing had exited the case to find nothing and no odd noises. When I drove off, it shifted normally like before. I've started searching for another transmission, but I want to attempt to diagnose this first before I take the plunge with another trans as I feel it may possibly be an electronics issue. Something like a speed sensor no communicating properly. However, there aren't any hard codes being highlighted by a check engine light. I called a few dealers in the states yesterday to try and get some advice, but they said that they would not even attempt to diagnose problems with automatics. They just replace them at the first sign of issues. Seems like a crappy practice to me, or they just didn't want to help. Anyone know any good subaru trans guys I could call to get an idea of where to start.

I'll see what I can do about a video. Wouldn't slippage be consistent throughout the entire rpm range of the gear? This only occurs at very low and/or neutral load while moving. It's almost like the kickdown speed is set wrong. IDK, I'm not very well versed in automatics, especially electronic ones. I'd take a good old TH400 with a manual transfer case and adjustable kickdown cable any day. The heck with all this electronic nonsense.

Also of note. I am in Japan and this is the JDM transmission with Tiptronic controls.
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