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Originally Posted by kellygnsd View Post
Even running a MBC on an internal wastegate won't prevent the door from blowing open due to high EGBP if the preload isn't set right.
For the sake of debate, lets make a massive assumtion that no one ever sets it up wrong

Originally Posted by manitou View Post
I was referring to the bigger and more efficient external gate vs. the internal gate. There are 2 schools of thought on the gate size for sure depending on your turbo size and boost levels you are running.

I'm with Kelly on the PL of the internal gate and EGBP. Also the turbulence caused from the traditional SL Subaru internal gate does not help!

Bottom line is that your LM kit with the EWG and smaller turbo has big advantages over the SL bigger IWG turbo with regards to spool. A better comparison would be same gtx3071, same gate, low mount vs stock area rotated location. I know your LM will spool faster but how much more would be nice to see!

My position is that the delta or differential as a percentage in spool characteristics between the turbo locations your LM to SL rotated will get larger as the turbo size increases!
Allen it was great speaking with you today. During our conversation I had forgot to tell you that I had put some more thought into this whole EWG vs IWG and recirc vs dump to atm. I've come to the conclusion that it's going to depend on the application/design of the WG. In other words a well setup 38mm will outflow a crappy 44mm setup. Same goes for recirc, a well designed recirc can work as well as dumping through a mini-muffler. I think we're all getting hung up on 'the my setup is better than your setup' and getting no where because they are not really comporable, and honestly I don't have an excess of time to prove either setup right or wrong But here's what I'm thinking on the Low Mount while we're here in this thread... I'm going to go atm dump with a mini muffler, OR running both to a reverse collector (expansion chamber, transition or whatever you want to call it) and merging the two together going 3.5" to and out of the muffler. 3.5" total should be plenty big enough to not be a restriction beyond the numbers we'll be seeing.

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