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Originally Posted by KillerBMotorsport View Post
Allen it was great speaking with you today. During our conversation I had forgot to tell you that I had put some more thought into this whole EWG vs IWG and recirc vs dump to atm. I've come to the conclusion that it's going to depend on the application/design of the WG. In other words a well setup 38mm will outflow a crappy 44mm setup. Same goes for recirc, a well designed recirc can work as well as dumping through a mini-muffler. I think we're all getting hung up on 'the my setup is better than your setup' and getting no where because they are not really comparable, and honestly I don't have an excess of time to prove either setup right or wrong But here's what I'm thinking on the Low Mount while we're here in this thread... I'm going to go atm dump with a mini muffler, OR running both to a reverse collector (expansion chamber, transition or whatever you want to call it) and merging the two together going 3.5" to and out of the muffler. 3.5" total should be plenty big enough to not be a restriction beyond the numbers we'll be seeing.
Yes, good to chat and thanks for this detail!

That sound like a great idea, a 3" down pipe and EWG exhaust, merging into a collector/ expansion chamber and into a full 3.5" exhaust that you supply (or not?). The 3.5" has an area of 30.23 sq in. and a 3" exhaust with a 1.75" gate exhaust/ 44mm gate (use the bigger for calculations) would have an area of 29.77 sq in. so you have the flow covered without loosing the gains of the external gate. Another up side is you control the whole exhaust tract and the performance of that if you supply that!

The downside of the merged turbo and gate exhaust is the added expense to the buyer who may have a nice 3" exhaust but now has to buy your kit with a new exhaust. As well you will have multiple platforms to design the exhaust system for.

Figuring that you dump the gate close to the turbo with a muffler then you could assume the following. The up side of the separate EWG exhaust would be easier to fabricate for you and less costly to the customer. It will flow exactly what it needs without the complication of the merging exhausts.

Down side is the loss of complete control of the exhaust tract using the customer supplied exhaust beyond the down pipe which you would supply.
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